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About us

Company Overview: Shenzhen Haisheng Co., Ltd., established in July 2023, is composed of a group of young people born in the 1990s and 2000s who have become hot and energetic. They have been engaged in the e-commerce industry for three to four years since graduating from university. Has rich execution experience and a rising sun spirit, has a spirit of teamwork and perseverance, and is full of innovative ability and potential for development.

Corporate culture: Aisvux has built a unique corporate culture based on its own reality and adapted to the development of the enterprise. It follows a path of relying on corporate culture to unite people, guiding competition with corporate culture, and using corporate culture to enhance the management level and development of the enterprise.

Those familiar with Aisvux know that based on the principles of "style, quality, reputation first, and customer first", it has formed a corporate culture that is in line with its own development - "pursuing excellence and creating the future". The company adheres to the people-oriented management philosophy of "caring for and caring for people", adhering to the "people-oriented" management philosophy, and refining this concept to every aspect of the company and every employee. It keeps every employee in the company with a positive and upward mindset, enabling everyone to have clear goals, each position has their own responsibilities, and the company has good interpersonal relationships. Busy employees feel the joy of work and the realization of their own value - holding hands with Aisvux to achieve self appreciation.

Aisvux's policies in human resources include recruiting talented individuals, delegating them to higher positions, eliminating weak ones and retaining strong ones, and adhering to the talent development strategy of "revitalizing the company with talents and putting people first", Establish four mechanisms of "material incentive, spiritual incentive, talent competition and talent development", and advocate the employment idea of "giving you a space to fully display your talent: giving you a period of time to fully display your style; giving you a fulcrum to pry up a new place of career". Let's create brilliance and win together.


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